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Jun 10th 2011

Respirator Protection from Lead and Paint Fumes

The variety of jobs and tasks our customers set out to do continually amazes me. Here is a query from a recent customer about his task: In an upcoming job I will be melting lead and spraying acrylic and lacquer based paints. What mask and filters do you recommend to protect me from the fumes associated with these tasks? How does sizing on the masks work? For the lead fumes I … read more
Dec 2nd 2010

Car Painting, Urethane Paints, Isocyanates, and Respiratory Protection

When working with dangerous chemicals, you should always research what you will be exposed to and how to best protect yourself from it. Here is a question about working with a dangerous chemical: Does 3M make a respirator cartridge for isocyanate? For the sake of this discussion, I think it is important we all know a little bit about isocyanate. It is a powerful irritant of t … read more
Sep 20th 2010

6001 Organic Vapor Cartridge

I recently had a customer ask me about what organic vapor cartridges would be appropriate for his job. Let's explore the options. I have a 1/2 mask 3M 7500 respirator and am looking for organic vapor cartridges. My immediate uses are for dealing with organic solvents and various VOC's such as MEK (acetone), toluene, and gasoline. I am also a licensed commercial pesticide applicator … read more