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ACD CAL 2000 LT Electrochemical Sources 510-20_ _-LT

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ACD CAL 2000 LT Electrochemical Sources are field replaceable electrochemical generating sources providing a gas standard for accurately calibrating chlorine, chlorine dioxide, hydrogen, hydrogen cyanide, and hydrogen sulfide gas sensors. If the source you need  a different PPM range, please call Customer Service at 1-800-829-9580 to order.

Item DescriptionCapacity (Hrs.)

PPM Range


Cl2 (chlorine)101.00 - 25.0
Cl2 (chlorine)251.00 - 25.0
H2 (hydrogen)101.00 - 25.0
H2 (hydrogen)251.00 - 25.0
H2S (hydrogen sulfide)101.00 - 25.0
H2S (hydrogen sulfide)251.00 - 25.0
HCN (hydrogen cyanide)101.00 - 25.0
HCN (hydrogen cyanide)251.00 - 25.0


Overview of Calibration Gas Solutions from ACD

Part Numbers:
510-2000-LT - Chlorine, 10 hrs (specify range)
510-2005-LT - Chlorine, 25 hrs (specify range)
510-2090-LT - Hydrogen, 10 hrs (specify range)
510-2095-LT - Hydrogen, 25 hrs (specify range
510-2050-LT - Hydrogen Sulfide, 10 hrs (specify range)
510-2055-LT - Hydrogen Sulfide, 25 hrs (specify range)
510-2070-LT - Hydrogen Cyanide, 10 hrs (specify range)
510-2075-LT - Hydrogen Cyanide, 25 hrs (specify range)

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