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ACD CAL 101 Electrochemical Sources are field replaceable electrochemical generating sources providing a gas standard for accurately calibrating chlorine, hydrogen, hydrogen cyanide, and hydrogen sulfide gas sensors. The electrochemical generating source is interchangeable and provides multiple gas and concentration options quickly, safely and easily. By simply inserting the appropriate source in the CAL 101, the user is ready to calibrate. If the source you need  a different PPM range, please call Customer Service at 1-800-829-9580 to order.

Item DescriptionCapacity (Hrs.)

PPM Range


Cl2 (chlorine)21.00 - 25.0
H2 (hydrogen)21.00 - 25.0
H2S (hydrogen sulfide)21.00 - 25.0
HCN (hydrogen cyanide)21.00 - 25.0


Overview of Calibration Gas Solutions from ACD

Part Numbers:
510-0101-00 - Chlorine, 2 hrs (specify range)
510-0101-09 - Hydrogen, 2 hrs (specify range
510-0101-05 - Hydrogen Sulfide, 2 hrs (specify range)
510-0101-07 - Hydrogen Cyanide, 2 hrs (specify range)

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United States
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