In most every industry we serve, you’ll need to supply your team with eye protection if they may be exposed to potential hazards on the job, such as sharp objects, flying dust, dirt, and other debris. But your teams’ safety glasses may need some maintenance from time to time. Safety glasses tend to get dirty over time. They may also need to be replaced after being used consistently, as scratches and hazy lenses are inevitable. 

You can find all the lightweight safety glasses and eye protection accessories you need at PK Safety. In addition to carrying a wide selection of glasses, we have everything to help you keep your safety gear in tip-top condition. Below, you’ll find a range of safety glasses accessories, including cleaning wipes and replacement lenses. 

We sell Allegro cleaning wipes to help you keep your safety glasses clean. These individually wrapped wipes are the ideal choice for protecting workers in the field. If one of your employees needs to wipe off their glasses, they can easily take out a wipe and clean their eyewear in just a few seconds, helping them see clearly on the job. 

Brand-name safety goggles tend to cost more than those made by other manufacturers. To help offset that, we also sell replacement lenses for Uvex Flex Seal goggles and Uvex stealth goggles, so you and your team can easily repair your safety goggles instead of buying new ones.

Shop our selection of safety glasses and eye protection accessories today to keep your team safe in the field.