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PK Safety is your source for top-rated 3M Safety Products. Since 1902, 3M’s researchers and scientists have created innovative, safety products used by professionals on job sites and at workplaces. From industrial, manufacturing, health care, and consumer goods, 3M products help companies find solutions to safety challenges and establish and maintain workplace safety standards.

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DBI-SALA 50 ft. Rope Grab System for Roofers and Climbers 5000400



3M DBI-SALA Delta Arc Flash Harness, Dorsal/Front Web Loop


How do I choose fall protection equipment?

You need fall protection equipment in any situation where you’re working at height and could lose your balance or grip on the job. If you’re climbing a ladder or pole, on a roof, on a platform, or entering a confined space, you need to be secured to fall protection equipment and in contact with someone at ground level. Fall safety equipment will vary depending on your specific job, but for one with a requiredfall protection harness with dorsal connection, you will also want to consider webbing, adjustment points, leg straps, pelvic support, stitching, padding, seat slings, impact indicators, and lanyard keepers for maximum safety. There are different harnesses and options available for climbing, suspending, lowering, and even options suited for industries with arc flash hazards. Harnesses should be comfortable enough to wear, strong enough to last, and carry the tools you need. Tripod and winch systems are a good fit for those getting lowered into confined spaces as well as for rescue and retrieval, positioning, fall arrest, and material handling. The 3M DBI-SALA Fall Protection products are a great choice for all of your fall protection needs, no matter where you’re working.

What are the different types of respirators?

Particulate respirators filter dust, fumes such as metal vapors, and mists. They’re usually disposable dust masks or respirators with disposable filters (disposable half facepiece respirators don’t protect against gases and vapors). These respirators come in NIOSH approval rating categories that further define the hazards they’ll protect against. The rating N does not resist oil, R is resistant to oil for a single shift or eight hours of use, and P is resistant to oil within manufacturer limitations. Efficiency ratings are given in numbers that indicate the percentage of particles 0.3 microns or greater in size that are trapped: 95, 99, or 100 (which traps closer to 99.6%).

Reusable respirators use replaceable filters and chemical cartridges or canisters to remove contaminants. They might require more than one cartridge to protect against multiple hazards, and these cartridges are color-coded to make it easier to pick the right one. They come in half-face and full-face versions.

Enhanced protection respirators provide clean air directly to a worker through a blower or portable air tank. They’re best for situations when the air is dangerous to breathe. Powered air-purifying respirators (PAPR), supplied-air respirators (SAR), and self-contained breathing apparatuses (SCBA) all fall into this category.

What are the best products for workplace hearing protection?

The best products for workplace hearing protection are comfortable, properly fitted ones best suited for your work environment that can be worn with the other safety PPE you need. Understanding the decibels (dB), or the units used to measure the intensity of sound, and testing noise levels with a sound meter can help you decide which hearing protection you need for your worksite. Earmuffs cover the ears completely and can be worn as headbands, bands under the chin or behind the head, as a neckband, or mounted on a hard hat or welding helmet. If you have electrical hazards, make sure that your headset is dielectric to protect yourself at work. For workplaces that are hot and earmuffs would be uncomfortable, or for situations where more protection is preferred, earmuffs can be supplemented with disposable safety earplugs as well. Earplugs come in a variety of styles, from premolded to custom molded, with or without inner plugs, and disposable or reusable. As long as you consider your needs and the qualities of the gear you’re thinking of buying, stock up on plenty of everything to keep everyone’s ears safe and comfortable.