3M Organic Vapor Cartridge (Pair) 6001

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The 3M 6001 Organic Vapor Cartridge is NIOSH approved for a wide variety of organic vapors. The 3M 6001 attaches to the 3M 6000 Half Face Respirator and 7500 Series masks. If your job requires wearing a respirator for long periods of time, consider getting a 3M 7500 Respirator. Each cartridge contains granulated charcoal that is treated to absorb organic vapors from the air passing through as you inhale. Used mainly to protect against solvents, such as those in oil-based paints. Others would include paint thinner, lacquer thinner, turpentine and fuel vapors. Also absorbs bad smells. Ideal for non-urethane spray painting (urethane paints that contain isocyanates which cannot be filtered out). For paint spray and pesticide applications, use with a prefilter such as the 5P71 or 5N11 and 501 Filter Retainer. Use the 3M 2097 Filters that fit on the 3M 6000/3M 7500 Series half masks, and the 3M 6000 Full Face Respirators for protection against toxic dusts, lead, and asbestos, and for mold cleanup and remediation.

For e6000 glue we recommend the 3M 6001 Cartridge with the 3M Full Face Mask Respirator or the 3M 6000 Half Facepiece Respirator making sure you have good ventilation.

Priced and sold by the pair.

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7 Reviews

  • 5
    Blocks even penetrating epoxy

    Posted by Nancy on Oct 1st 2015

    I use these cartridges when applying penetrating epoxy to wood on our old schooner. Do not get even a whiff of the toxic fumes. Easy to breathe.

  • 5
    Great choice for organics

    Posted by Carey on Sep 30th 2014

    Original filters were organics and particulates, which had some resistance to the air flow by necessity. These are easier breathing if you have no need for a particulate filter.

  • 5
    Necessary Evil... works!

    Posted by Dave on Aug 15th 2013

    An easy to replace filter to keep your lungs healthy under many adverse conditions.

    Easy to use. added safety.


  • 5
    Organic Vapor Cartridge 3M 6001

    Posted by Randy Royea on Aug 15th 2013

    Great respiration system...Easy breathing

    Minimal restriction of air flow,,,Great design

    No Cons

  • 5
    Great Experience

    Posted by Barbara Shank on Aug 15th 2013

    Fit was great, just as described. Will order again in the future from PK Safety

    Fair Price, order arrives on or before promised.

    No dislikes

  • 5
    Great for epoxy resin

    Posted by Betsy on Aug 15th 2013

    I've used these filters for resin and spray paint for the last year. As long as the mask is tight enough, not one bit of fumes come through the filter.

    Good quality filter


  • 4
    Use these daily

    Posted by John S. on Apr 19th 2013

    We use these daily in our auto body shop for painting. They are good at keeping paint fumes out of your lungs.