3M DBI-SALA ExoFit NEX Oil and Gas Harness

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This is a "Made to Order" product that cannot be exchanged and is non-returnable. If you have any questions please call Customer Service at 800-829-9580.

3M DBI-SALA ExoFit NEX Oil and Gas Harness features 18" back D-ring extension,front and lifting D-rings, tongue buckle legs and connection for derrick belt, comfort padding.

ExoFit NEX harnesses are the most advanced harnesses in the industry. They’re the culmination of our experience with ExoFit and ExoFit XP, ongoing research and the incorporation of new materials and innovative features. True to our NEX mission, we manufacture these harnesses using materials that won’t add unnecessary weight for ultimate comfort. When speed and efficiency are project requirements, ExoFit NEX will provide the freedom and confidence to function at your maximum potential. Finally, ExoFit NEX harnesses are designed using materials that last.Get into the best, the ultimate comfort, funiction and durability harness, ExoFit NEX.

Product Features:

  • Hybrid shoulder
  • back and leg comfort padding
  • 18" Lightweight aluminum back D-ring extension
  • Lightweight aluminum front D-ring
  • Lightweight aluminum lifting D-rings
  • Integrated derrick belt connection (use with 1003221 derrick belt - must order separately)
  • Tongue buckle leg straps
  • Protective shoulder caps
  • Built-in lanyard keepers
  • Revolving vertical torso buckle
  • Impact Indicator
  • Integrated trauma straps
  • Built-in reflective materials
  • Protected labels
  • equipped with 3M Connected Safety ID (CSID)

Product Numbers:
1113285 - Small
1113286 - Medium
1113287 - Large
1113288 - XL

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Additional Information

Padding Location Type:
Shoulder/Back and Leg
Webbing Material:
Repel Polyester
Buckle Type:
Tongue Buckle
Torso Buckle Material:
Zinc Plated Steel
Body Belt:
D-ring Placement:
Chest Buckle Material:
Zinc Plated Steel
Weight Capacity:
420 lbs. (190 kg)
6.20 LBS
20.75 (in)
6.95 (in)
18.25 (in)
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