3M 6000DIN Full Facepiece Respirator


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The 6000DIN Series Full Facepiece Respirator is a versatile mask intended to be used with 3M Cartridges & Filters, PAPR assemblies, and air line respirators. It is the same mask as the standard 3M Full Face Respirator, except that it comes with removable covers on the cartridge connectors. This allows the mask to be adapted to uses other than simply negative pressure air purifying respirator mode. For instance, with the addition of an airline hose assembly, you have a full-featured airline respirator. Can be used with all 3M Industrial 6000 Series Cartridges and 2000/7000 Series Filters that are found on the filter/cartridge page. Clear polycarbonate lens offers a wide field of view and impact protection. See cartridge description to pick the appropriate filter.

Available in 3 sizes (Small, Medium, Large). If prescription glasses are needed while using the 3M 6000DIN, the 3M 6878 Spectacle Kit.

Cartridge Selection Guide for 3M Reusable Respirators: 

Part Numbers:
6700DIN - Small
6800DIN - Medium
6900DIN - Large

Additional Details:

2.00 LBS
10.00 (in)
8.00 (in)
13.50 (in)
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Protection From:
variety of gases, vapors and particulate hazards