Safe Halloween Costume Ideas

Safe Halloween Costume Ideas

Finding a perfect Halloween costume does not have to be stressful and pricey. Get creative inspiration from PK Safety! But first, here are some safety tips to remind you that safety should be your number one priority anytime, especially during the hectic holiday season.

Safety Tips:

  • Select costumes made from flame-resistant and flame-retardant  materials;
  • Always use safety-approved electrical lights and decorations;
  • Carefully inspect decorations and discard the damaged ones: any cracked or bare wires may cause a fire or an electric shock;
  • Make sure the electrical decorations you use outdoors are labeled as being suitable for outdoor use;
  • Instead of using real flame candles, use battery-operated ones to light your jack-o-lanterns, outdoor walk paths, and displays;
  • To prevent electric shock, always plug your outdoor decorations into circuits protected by a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter, and never staple or nail light strings or extension cords;
  • Keep electrical cords out of doorways and walkways to eliminate tripping hazards;
  • Always turn off your electrical decorations and put out open flames before going to bed or leaving your home.

Now that you know some of our top safety recommendations, it's time to dress up.

Here are some fresh costume ideas from PK Safety:

Classic Cowboy: hat + FR shirt + jeans + vest


Ninja: coverall + black gloves + balaclava


Construction Worker: hi-vis rain suit or vest + hard hat + tool belt + protective gloves

Confined Space Entry Kit

Zika Virus Survivor: mask + high-risk disposable gloves + goggles

Zika virus survivor

Airport Technician: vest + ear muffs + glasses + work pants + FR T-shirt

Airport Ground Crew Safety Equipment

Mad Scientist: hazmat suit + umbrella + full face respirator + booties + disposable gloves

DIYers Information About Asbestos Clean-Up

Bee Keeper: tan coverall + gloves + boots + hat 


SEAL team:  dark glasses + pants + camo shirt + knee pads + cooling vest + black gloves


Warning Signs: the whole family can be wearing warning signs attached to the front or to the back of a dark sweatshirt.


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Oct 21st 2016 Mila Adamovica

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