PK Safety Partners With MSA

PK Safety Partners With MSA

Like PK Safety, MSA’s mission is to keep workers and workplaces safe. That’s why it made sense to partner up and promote their innovative confined space entry and fall protection products that are easy to use and extremely durable.

“MSA has a very long history of making sure workers come home safely at the end of the day,” said David Yaffe, MSA Industrial Safety and Fall Protection Specialist. “Our values are expressed in our mission statement: That men and women may work in safety and that they, their families, and their communities may live in health throughout the world.”

Since 1914, MSA equipment has served a variety of industries including: oil and gas, petrochemical, construction, mining, fire services, and the military.

Gear You Can Count On

PK Safety currently carries a variety of gas monitors and gas monitor accessories from MSA including the popular MSA ALTAIR Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Monitor. This maintenance-free gas monitor comes calibrated and ready to go with one-button operation. Once the monitor is turned on, it will stay on for the duration of its battery life of two years.

You’ll also find fall protection equipment including PFLs, SRLs, tripods and harnesses. The MSA Gravity Welder Full Body Harness is a popular choice. Made of 100% Kevlar® material, it is resistant to welding splatter in high heat environments. With 8 adjustment points, you are sure to get the perfect sizing and fit.

One of our bestselling American-made hard hats, the MSA Skullgard hard Hat, has a full brim that not only protects you from falling debris, but also glare and sun during warmer months. It’s able to withstand radiant heat loads producing temperatures up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

Not sure what you need for your next project? PK Safety’s product experts are on hand whether you need the latest in safety products, service, customer support, or answers to your safety questions. Call an expert at 800.829.9580 or  send us your questions online.

Jul 15th 2018 Analisa H.

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