Father’s Day Promotion: Gifts for Every Type of Dad

Father’s Day Promotion: Gifts for Every Type of Dad

One size doesn’t necessarily fit all when it comes to Father’s Day gifts. Some dads are into the classics of a watch, tie or some sort of fragrance; there are other dads who are just happy you’re in their lives. At PK Safety, we know a lot of handy dads, and what better way to celebrate the dads in your life than keeping them safe on the job and around the home? Here are some of our favorites for a safe Father’s Day, no matter what kind of projects or work the dads you know do.

Dads Who Climb to New Heights

If you know a dad who does a lot of work requiring him to stand or suspend himself off the ground, you want him to avoid injuries from falling. This means getting up safely, and staying safe while he’s up there. The Telestep 14 ft. Combination Ladder 14ES is an easy-to-use aluminum ladder that works for maintenance and janitorial jobs. It’s small, light, adjustable, and has replaceable silicon feet that ensure a solid grip on floors.

For other climbing needs, PK Safety carries the Delta Comfort Vest-Style Climbing Harness 110063. This lightweight, durable harness has built-in padding and vents for comfort and circulation. It can support up to 420 lbs. (190 kg.), and has D-Rings, quick-connect straps, torso adjusters, and lanyards with breakaway features for ease of use and safety.

When he’s above the ground, Dad won’t want to worry about his tools being out of reach. Help him keep everything he needs close at hand with the DBI- SALA 15-Pocket Harness Tool Bag. This accessory can slide onto most full-body harnesses with removable waist belts, and provides enough reinforced pockets for tools.

Dads Who Weather Tough Stuff

Some work puts people in dangerous or uncomfortable situations, and PK Safety knows a thing or two about safety products that can reduce risks and make a job more comfortable. The GRIT Fire Resistant Gray Henley Shirt is made of fire-retardant knit-cotton fabric and fire-resistant buttons that are compliant with many fire-safety standards.

Dad can also work in comfort using the Working Concepts Large ErgoKneel Kneeling Mat. Some jobs require kneeling on metal, concrete or gravel, which can cause knee and back pain. The large area of this ergonomic mat offers plenty of room for utility or petrochemical workers, electricians and DIYers to stay comfortable and productive.

For jobs where Dad risks inhaling dangerous substances — such as agriculture, construction, hazmat cleanup and mining — a respirator may be necessary to avoid getting sick. The Moldex 9000 Full Face Respirator Combination provides versatility, ventilation and ease of use for dads who need to breathe safely at home or on the job.

Dads With Sharp Senses

Hearing loss is cumulative and can’t be recovered, so for dads whose jobs, projects or hobbies involve loud sounds, PK Safety has ear-protection options. The 3M Peltor H10A Ear Muff provides comfortable, adjustable noise reduction around loud machinery. It’s also insulated and comfortable in cold weather. The Ear Muff works best for low-pitch, steady noises; for occasional sharp sounds, the Moldex BattlePlugs Shooting Ear Plugs are good fits. These plugs are the authorized hearing protection for U.S. soldiers and Department of the Army civilians, and hunters use them as well. Depending on how they’re worn, they can block out all sounds or allow low-level noises such as communication through while protecting the wearer from sharper sounds.

Being able to see what he’s working on — or see trouble coming — can help the dad on your Father’s Day list stay productive and safe. Give him the gift of light with the Petzl PIXA 2 Mixed-Beam Headlamp. The lamp has two light modes and a reserve-power mode to ensure the wearer always has light in hazardous spaces. It’s a durable, lightweight light that’s easy to use, even when wearing gloves, and can be worn as a headband or used with a mounting bracket.

Some jobs require precise work and a sensitive touch, but safety shouldn’t be sacrificed. The ATG G-Tek MaxiFlex Ultimate Nitrile-Coated Glove strikes that balance in dry work environments. This pair of breathable gloves gives the wearer an excellent grip while being thinner than a lot of similar gloves, which allows for touch sensitivity and fine-motor control.

Dads Who Love the Great Outdoors

If you know a father who spends a lot of time outside for work or play, gift him with something that will keep him healthy, safe and comfortable. The Coretex Professional Outdoor Skin Protection Kit provides a variety of Coretex products to protect his skin from the sun, poison ivy, bug bites, stings and burns in a convenient zippered case.

For more heat and sun protection, the PIP EZ-COOL Evaporative Cooling Ranger Hat With Neck Shade has easy-to-use cooling technology. Just soak it in water then squeeze out the extra, and in 10 minutes, special cooling crystals activate and stay cool for hours. The hat also provides a lot of shade for the neck and face, and has side vents to allow heat and moisture to escape.

Father’s Day Deals With PK Safety

Dads do so much for us throughout our lives, and this Father’s Day, you can help your handy dad stay safe and healthy. So here’s our Father’s Day gift: Use the code DAD18 when you check out for $20 off and free shipping on orders over $199. We only have this deal for a limited time, so make sure you get your gifts for Dad before it’s gone.

PK Safety knows a lot about safety in the workplace and at home, and we think all dads need to stay safe and healthy. Whether you need safety products, service for your devices, customer support or answers to health and safety questions, we can help. Call one of our experts at 800.829.9580 or get in touch online for more information.

Jun 11th 2018 Analisa H.

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