Our September Black Friday Sale Has Something for Everyone

Our September Black Friday Sale Has Something for Everyone

Why are we having a Black Friday sale in September? At PK Safety, we believe safety is a year-round consideration. If you need to stock up on or replace some of your safety equipment, we want you to be able to do it affordably. Our September Black Friday sale is our way of thanking you for keeping safety in mind, year-round.

No matter what industry you’re in or what kind of spaces in which you work, PK Safety carries the gear you need to stay safe and compliant. Keep reading to learn more about what your mid-September deals can get you — and look for the promo code to get the discount.

Taking Safety With You

Worksite conditions can change at any time, so it’s important to monitor continuously how things are going. PK Safety knows quite a bit about BW Honeywell gas monitors, and carries a few types, depending on what your job requires. The BW Clip 2 Year O2 Single Gas Detector is a fairly new addition to the line that provides a maintenance-free solution for oxygen detection in confined spaces. The BW Clip 2 Year Single Gas Detector provides similar benefits in a hydrogen-sulfide detector. Both provide easy and reliable checks to keep your workplace safe, and are compatible with MicroDock II and IntelliDox. Ask us about custom calibrations, alarms and volume discounts!

For more coverage in gas monitoring, the BW Honeywell GasAlert MicroClip XL Multi-Gas Monitor can help. Its small size, durability, battery life and ease of use make it our most popular gas monitor for workers on industrial sites and anyone who needs to do confined-space entry. It detects oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide and Lower Explosive Levels (LELs) of combustible gases.

The BW Honeywell GasAlert Max XT II Confined Space Multi-Gas Monitor monitors for the same four gases as the MicroClip XL. The backlit LCD screen displays all four gas levels, battery levels and pump activity even in the darkest and dingiest of confined spaces. It has an internal pump for remote sampling, one-touch operation, and a variety of alarm and alert options. If it’s time to service your safety equipment, you can pick up Replacement O2 Sensors for Gas Alert Monitors, which work with BW Honeywell monitors.

Making a Safe Environment

Monitoring your environment is important, but making the environment as safe as possible also helps prevent illness and injury. The Moldex 9000 Full Face Respirator Combination gives protection from atmospheric gases and other inhalable hazards you might encounter in industries such as agriculture, woodworking, disaster recovery, vehicle repair, and construction. For a low-pressure respiratory protection solution, the Allegro 1 Worker Full Face Mask Airline Respirator System could be a good fit. The pump, hose and full face respirator mask make it ideal for solo workers who are around chemicals that require supplied air as well as a full face mask for impact eye protection.

To bring air into a confined space, pick up the Allegro 8 in. Confined Space 25 ft. Blower Ducting. It’s a lightweight unit easy to transport and store. The canister can be attached quickly to the input side to extract air, or the output side to provide ventilation, and doesn’t require tools.

If you’re working in tanks, manholes, on a construction site, or in other confined or open spaces with vertical entrances or heights, a complete fall arrest and rescue safety system should be part of your safety equipment. The MSA Workman CSE Kit includes a 50’ Workman Rescuer, cable, pulley, CSA carabiner and a carrying bag.

Other Hazards

Not all worksite hazards are invisible gases or inherent to confined spaces. We also have products and equipment for workers who might have additional comfort and safety needs.

Construction, automotive, mining, farming and other industries run the risks of high temperatures, especially in warmer months. For workers in those environments, staying cool and safe can be as easy as putting on the PIP EZ-Cool Phase Change Active Fit Cooling Vest. It has adjustable straps and different shapes and sizes of cooling packs for a variety of fits. One hour in the freezer or 20 minutes in ice water provides upward of three hours of comfort in hot conditions.

For outdoor environments or anywhere a hard hat is an integral part of safety equipment, consider the MSA Skullgard Hard Hat with Full Brim. The brim can keep your eyes safe from falling debris, rain, sun and glare. It can withstand significant radiant-heat loads, features a smooth crown for use of MSA welding equipment, and incorporates Fas-Trac suspension in the headband.

Speaking of eye protection, the MCR Safety PRO Rubicon Anti-Fog Safety Glasses series offers a variety of options based on your worksite’s safety needs. The series of four different lenses for different worksite needs features polycarbonate lenses that meet or exceed the ANSI Z873.1 standards for high impact. They also have scratch-resistant coating, nonslip gel on the nose piece and temple sleeves for a comfortable fit, frameless design, and metal template with spring hinges that allow for a secure and flexible fit; most of the lenses have anti-fog coating.

PK Safety September Black Friday Sale

Safety is something you always should have on your mind, so don’t wait until November for Black Friday deals on the gear you and your workers need to do your jobs safely. Good safety equipment is a smart investment, and saving money is even better. If you use promo code SEPT18 at checkout, you’ll get $20 off and free shipping on your order of $199 or more.

PK Safety is a Factory Authorized Service Center for RAE Systems and BW Honeywell gas monitors, and we know a lot about the gear you and your workers need to stay safe. We can repair and service your devices on site, but we’re also available to answer questions about OSHA safety products and technology. Get in touch online or by phone at 800.829.9580.

Sep 13th 2018 Mindy W.

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