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Pyramex Integra Welding Shade Safety Glasses (12/box)

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The Pyramex Integra Welding Shade Safety Glasses are a popular and economical choice for use in gas (oxyacetylene) welding, cutting, and brazing. They feature the black Integra safety glass frame with dark green absorptive 3.0 and 5.0 welding shade lenses. Arc welding produces an intense amount of radiation that requires a darker shade for the lens, and additional protection for the face such as a welding helmet. Despite the long term damage that radiation can cause, molten and cold metal particles striking the eye are still the most common sources of eye injuries. For this reason, it is critical that you wear protective eyewear at all times when working around welding applications. The grinding and chipping present additional hazards. Please beware of using 'sunglass' shaded lenses when welding. The visible light may be reduced, which fools your eye into enlarging the pupil opening, allowing more light in than it would if unshaded. However, the harmful infrared radiation will pass through unfiltered resulting in eye damage. Meets all ANSI Z87 standards. Sold by the box.

Part Numbers:
SB450SF - Shade 5.0
SB460SF - Shade 3.0


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