Moldex Mold and Asbestos Protection

Moldex Mold and Asbestos Protection

Some of the more dangerous particles to breath into your lungs are mold spores and asbestos particles. If you are working in areas with either of these factors, as a professional or a do-it-yourselfer, be sure your personal protective equipment (PPE) is up to the task you are setting for it. One of our most popular respirators is the Moldex 9000 Series Full Mask Respirator. The 9000 series masks offer full-face protection which is especially important when particles can also affect the mucous membrane of a worker's eyes.

Moldex Mask

The Moldex mask not only provides excellent comfort and protection, it also offers outstanding visibility. Part of being able to do your job well may rely on being able to see. The Moldex masks have a clever design feature that directs all incoming fresh air to first hit the face shield. The result is drastically reduced fogging, even when you are working hard.

It's important to note that head and face protective equipment is a category of PPE employers are required to provide to their employees at no cost. That's part of the OSHA general industry standard 1910.132. That may be another reason the Moldex full-face mask, cartridges, and filters are so popular with our customers: they are about 20% less expensive than competitive brands while retaining all the functionality.

If you have questions about lung protection, give us a call or contact us online. These are the kinds of questions we can really help with.

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Mar 6th 2013 Justin McCarter

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