Dewatering Pump Makes Wet Confined Space Work Possible

Dewatering Pump Makes Wet Confined Space Work Possible

Confined spaces are far from the cleanest places around. Sometimes they are soggy as well. If your work requires you to be be in a space where the water cannot be turned off - a storm drain or other water system for instance - a dewatering or sludge pump may be the answer.

Confined spaces require small pumps that are portable and can move major amounts of water. Allegro Industries makes top quality pumps specifically for clearing work spaces and they can continue running for long periods of time.

Since our confined spaces often also have debris in the water, a sludge pump that suspends the solids and can keep pumping without getting clogged is a big help.

The Allegro Sludge Pump weighs about 25 lbs. Not something you want to drag around all over town, but certainly light enough to get into almost any confined space for water clearing.

Along with their portable size, Allegro Pumps offer quick, high-volume discharging. Even if the water level is quite low, the pumps will continue to move water and are designed resist overheating. And if the water level isn't so low, the Allegro pumps are submersible up to 39 feet.

Apr 24th 2015 Administrator

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