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Working Concepts ErgoKneel Extreme Standing Mat 5030 18 x 36 in.

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Working Concepts ErgoKneel

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Designed for standing workers, the ErgoKneel 5030 Extreme Standing Mat provides long-term comfort and relief for those who stand on a hard surface to complete their projects. For sore feet, ankles, and calves an anti-fatigue mat like the large-sized 18in. x 36 in. closed cell foam ErgoKneel makes stationary work far less painful. This soft, nitrile foam pad, while it provides a comfortable surface, is still completely stable. It does not compress with use, and will continue to provide protection from the hard surfaces of factory, office or home work positions for a long time. This is a great mat for use with standing desks. This ErgoKneel standing mat has beveled edges to reduce tripping, is 1in. thick and made of flexible, rubber-like nitrile. The mat can be placed on regular hard surfaces such as concrete or steel, or it can be used on uneven or unstable surfaces such as metal grates, tile, brick, or gravel. The ErgoKneel anti-fatigue pads are not electrically conductive, clean up easily with soap and water, and can't catch fire because they are self-extinguishing. These products continue to receive the very highest customer ratings for comfort and durability.

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