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RAE Systems ToxiRAE Pro PID for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

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From the gas detection experts at RAE Systems, the ToxiRAE Pro PID is the world's smallest Photo Ionization Detector (PID). Built for the detection of a wide variety of gases and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), it is ideal for confined space work. Built for the toughest and most dangerous sites, meeting HAZLOC and OSHA specifications the ToxiRAE Pro is great for oil rigs, gasworks, chemical plants, sewer engineering, wastewater management, and environmental analysis.

Features of the ToxiRAE Pro PID:

  • Capable of monitoring over 300 VOCs, the PID is a ?next-gen? detector from RAE Systems, and can be programmed to monitor specific explosive compounds or gases as needed.
  • Real-time wireless data transfer is available, along with two-way transmission of alarms (of which there are the standard visual, audible and vibration alert modes on the unit). *Please note: wireless capabilities will be available in the ToxiRAE Pro PID in the near future.
  • A rugged unit, the Pro is concussion-proof and intrinsically safe with HAZLOC certification, making it ideal for use in potentially combustible environments.
  • A large LCD screen displays gas levels while in use.
  • Continuous data logging is standard and with the wireless option, and it allows remote safety workers to monitor gas levels throughout the site.
  • The unit is compatible with the AutoRAE 2 for automatic bump testing and calibration.
  • Maintenance is simple with the ToxiRAE Pro: the sensor, battery, fan and filter are all replaceable.

Included with the ToxiRAE Pro PID:

  • Durable alligator clip allows the PID to clip easily to clothing or belt.
  • The protective rubberized concussion-proof boot saves the unit from spills and falls common to every worksite.
  • Charging cradle and PC communication cable are included, allowing easy download of information.
  • ProRAE Studio software lets users easily retrieve and manage logged data to maintain OSHA compliance.

FAQs: How Often Do I Need To Calibrate My Monitor?

Part Numbers: G02-B000-000 - Non-Wireless G02-B004-000 - Wireless

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