Using PPE Inspection Procedures to Stay Safe

Using PPE Inspection Procedures to Stay Safe

Are you and your employees safe at work? Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is critical for a wide range of jobs across different industries. It includes everything from harnesses to headlamps and vertex helmets. What many companies don’t realize about PPE is that it should be inspected in detail once a year (or after any exceptional event, such as a fall). Along with ensuring compliance, this can help keep workers safe.

OSHA Regulations and the Importance of PPE

To prevent worker deaths and lost-workday injuries each year, OSHA updated the General Industry CFR 1910 regulations for Walking-Working Surfaces and Personal Fall Protection Systems. The update better protects workers from falls at height and on working surfaces, such as ladders, ramps, scaffolds and stairs. It also offers more flexibility to employers choosing fall-protection systems. Ultimately, these efforts could result in a savings of more than $600 million, as well as impact many lives. The deadline for these rules to be implemented is November 19, 2018 – and companies must be compliant by that date.

OSHA requires that employers identify and provide appropriate PPE for employees, meeting the standards developed by the American National Standards Institute, based on occupational hazards. Along with training workers in the use and care of their PPE, employers need to maintain them properly and replace worn or damaged equipment. Along with routine checks before each use, a PPE should undergo an in-depth inspection each year to ensure it’s in compliance and functioning correctly. The PPE inspection procedures vary based on specific equipment. When examining a helmet or harness, adhere to the following instructions:

PPE Inspection: Helmets

  • Review known product history: Has a fall occurred with this product? Where has it been stored
  • Make preliminary observations. Check details such as the product lifetime date and serial number.
  • Check all product components: the liner, cradle, headband, adjustment system, chin strap, comfort foams and headlamp clips.
  • Check any accessories on the helmet, such as a face shield or headlamp.

PPE Inspection: Professional Harnesses

  • Review known product history: What has the harness been used for, and what events have occurred with it? Any falls?
  • Observe the product lifetime date, serial numbers and other basic details.
  • Check the condition of the straps, attachment points, adjustment buckles and comfort parts.
  • If applicable, examine the chest/seat harness connector and CROLL rope clamp.

Equipment manufacturer Petzl has documents that outline each PPE inspection procedure in detail for helmets and harnesses. They provide visual examples of helmets that are worn out or damaged and need to be retired. Whether employees are moving objects, are near sharp edges, or at risk of falling, it’s your responsibility to give them appropriate protective gear – and ensure it’s up-to-date and inspected often.

Save on PPE With PK Safety

PK Safety makes it easy to stay on top of the latest PPE requirements. If your inspections lead you to new equipment, we have the best deals on topnotch PPE items. Our Petzl sale offers 15 percent off all Petzl products for a limited time! We provide free shipping when you spend more than $99. We highlighted a few top PPE items below, but you may view the rest of our inventory here.

Petzl VERTEX VENT Helmet: This safe, sturdy helmet offers quality protection and comfort. It features an adjustable headband, strong shell and ventilation, with optional shutters for different weather conditions. We recommend this Petzl vertex helmet for confined spaces, technical or on-site rescue jobs, framing and roofing, and much more.

Petzl NEWTON EASYFIT HI-VIZ Fall Arrest Harness: Ensure employee visibility with a fluorescent vest featuring reflective stripes. This easy-to-wear harness has FAST automatic buckles, lightweight material, fall indicators, and a stowage system for MGO connectors.

Petzl PIXA 3 Pro Multi-Beam Industrial Strength Headlamp: This durable hazardous environment headlamp is necessary for any industrial workplace. It features three lighting ranges: a short beam, mixed-beam for movement and a long-range beam. Along with providing critical light, it’s easy to mount on a Petzl vertex helmet.

PK Safety has everything you need to stay safe and in compliance when it comes to workplace PPE. Whether you’re ready to save on PPE items or just have questions for our team, you can call 800-829-9580 or contact us online.

Jul 8th 2018 Mindy W.

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