UEi Gas Detectors for Home, HVAC, and Beyond - Natural Gas Detectors

UEi Gas Detectors for Home, HVAC, and Beyond - Natural Gas Detectors

We've had several questions lately about our UEi Test Instruments and it seems like a good time to review these smart, relatively inexpensive gas detecting devices. Unlike our more robust industrial gas detection units that need to meet OSHA guidelines for gas detection, the UEi units are mainly designed to meet the needs of HVAC professionals and for individuals who want to get to the bottom of a home or RV gas leak.

Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection is something that falls into both the professional and homeowner markets. The UEi CO71A for CO is programmed to alarm and display warning levels as per OSHA 8 hour exposure to Carbon Monoxide. The unit comes fully calibrated from the factory and has a 3 year warranty. This unit should be re-calibrated annually to maintain appropriate accuracy. If your work requires extremely high tolerances for sensor accuracy, you might want to consider having the unit calibrated more often that once a year.

UEi uses calibration gas prepared according to standards traceable to NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). A calibration certificate is returned with the unit. If you require calibration, you can send it in to the manufacturer, and for $37.95 USD, they will calibrate and return the unit to you prepaid. For home inspectors doing regular CO analysis of the atmosphere in houses, the UEi CO Detection Kit is designed to check ambient carbon monoxide levels in areas, find leaks along pipes, and measure CO concentrations given off by furnaces or residential appliances. The kit comes with a flue probe, a temperature probe, tubing, and a protective carrying case.

The gas detection unit more frequently bought by our homeowner and RV owner customers is the UEi CD100A Combustible Gas Meter. This unit is optimized for natural gas or methane. However, the solid state sensor reacts well to a wide variety of flammable gases. Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and propane are easily detected. Our customers use the CD100A regularly on boats and RVs to check the connections for leaks. This is in addition to the traditional use of finding gas leaks in the home.

With the flexible wand, and near instantaneous response, finding leaks, even small ones, is a snap with the CD100A. This unit can detect the following gases: Acetone, Industrial Solvents, Alcohol Jet Fuel, Ammonia, Lacquer Thinners, Benzene, Methane, Butane, Naphtha, Ethylene Oxide, Natural Gas, Gasoline, Petrol Propane, Halon, Refrigerants, Hydrogen Sulfide, and even Toluene.

If you've got questions about our home and HVAC gas detection units please give us a call at 800-829-9580.

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Dec 1st 2014 Justin McCarter

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