These Steel-Toe PVC Boots are Really Super

These Steel-Toe PVC Boots are Really Super

Steel-Toe.  It just sounds American. A steel-toe boot can deal with just about anything.  It’s a tool as well as a protective foot covering.  How often have you used that steel-toed boot to move something along, or help you pry away a board that you are also working with your hands?

The steel-toed Monarch PVC boots from Onguard are 16 in. tall and allow you to slog through the muck or mud.  Kick a rock or drop a wrench?  That doesn’t matter if you are wearing knee-high PVC boots with a steel toe cover and reinforced shank.  It’s like wearing armor.

Boots like this can lead the way.  They repel water and mud, of course.  They are 100% waterproof.  They also have excellent resistance to caustic materials and acids.  That’s right – protection from acid.  The Monarch black PVC steel-toe boots are (sort of) like something a superhero would wear.  Granted the superhero’s boots would probably allow you to fly or climb slick vertical walls, but with our boots you get acid protection and can kick a concrete step without feeling much.  And that’s pretty good.  Plus these boots comply with ASTM F2413-05.  Superhero boots?  Not compliant.

The deep grooves in the soles give excellent traction in slippery situations, and they are amazingly comfortable to wear, even when you are kicking rocks.  The Monarch PVC steel-toe boots have a cleated outsole and a replaceable cushion insole.  This means they are comfy on the inside and “cleated” – which we take to mean “like wearing cleats” on the outside.

16 in. sides will keep whatever the road throws at you out of your boots.   And if you want to adjust the size, it is easy to make them shorter: Just get your retractable utility knife out and whack them down to 12 in. at the cut off band.

These rubber boots from Onguard aren’t really rubber boots at all, they’re PVC: Injection molded.  They are also made of recycled materials and are made in the USA.  When you want to take your boots off at the end of the day, there is a smart triangular lug at the back of each boot that makes it easier to kick them off.  And while these boots are pure PVC, if you have a decent pair of socks, they are surprisingly comfortable for all day wear.  If they get dirty, spray them down to clean them, and if any moisture that gets inside they can easily be dried out quickly.

The Monarch steel-toe PVC boots from Onguard let you wade into your work and get it done.  The steel toe cap will save you from so many bangs and bruises, you probably won’t ever want to wear anything else when it comes to the dirty work of jumping in and taking care of business.

Feb 1st 2012 Justin McCarter

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