The Right Vertical System for Your Tower, Tank, or Manhole

The Right Vertical System for Your Tower, Tank, or Manhole

Lad-Saf is a name that has been around as a solution for fixed vertical climbs for years. The heart of the system is a flexible steel cable stretched between a top and bottom bracket in front of the ladder or climbing pegs. If you've got a top and bottom attachment point, you've likely got what you need for this sturdy, safe vertical system from DBI-SALA.

Workers attach a Lad-Saf Cable Sleeve to the wire before they begin their climb. It's simple, and that's likely the reason so many companies use it. Many vertical systems need an engineer to come in and figure out where supports need to be placed. The Lad-Saf system can be attached to virtually any fixed ladder to create a tie-off point for workers. It attaches with basic tools and can be installed in a short amount of time.

When climbing workers attach the carabiner to their front D-ring, and the cable sleeve follows automatically as they go about their work, only grabbing hold if a fall occurs. Unlike lanyards that allow workers to fall at least the length of the lanyard before engaging, the Lad-Saf system quickly arrests a fall, hopefully reducing or eliminating significant injury.

DBI-SALA Lad-Saf Ladder Safety System

Lad-Safe can be configured to suit almost any application or structure. Depending on the ladder and the particulars of the location, the climbing system can either bolt on or be welded in place. These systems are installed all over the world. If your work takes you far afield, the Cable Sleeve Global Compliance meets safety standards worldwide. For construction of the system hundreds of attachment options are available to fit the unique properties of your site. While the Lad-Saf system can be kept up in all kinds of weather, it's important to perform regular inspections to make sure the wire is in good shape and free from dirt, ice, or corrosion.

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