A Work Safety Kit with Everything for Your New Employees

A Work Safety Kit with Everything for Your New Employees

For a ready-made, one-click solution to putting personal protective equipment on your employees, check out the PK Safety PPE Kit. Each kit arrives in a poly bag ready to pass out. Hearing protection, hand protection, eye protection, a hard hat, and a reflective safety vest are all included.

Each piece of this safety kit meets OSHA safety standards. The Evolution 6121 hard hat is made of high-density polyethylene and has raised channels that run across the top. These ridges not only modernize the look of the helmet, they help add to its rigidity and strength. 6-point suspension inside the helmet features a ratcheting adjustment system to adjust both circumference and depth to create the most comfortable fit for each head shape.

Universal accessories slots on the top of the helmet allow it to accept accessories such as headlamps or ear muffs produced by other manufacturers.

The gloves are made of a flexible, comfortable string knit and stretch to fit a range of hand sizes. They are ideal for a range of general maintenance and manufacturing. They provide ample abrasion, cut, and puncture resistance while maintaining finger dexterity. The nitrile-dipped fingers and palm give these G-Tek gloves excellent grip while a snug knit wrist helps keep dirt and debris from getting into the glove.

Corded earplugs are easier for employees to keep track of. The smooth polyurethane foam is easily compacted to fit into the ear canal, then expands gradually to create a comfortable and secure seal. Insertion and removal of the corded plug is easy because of the natural, tapered shape. The noise reduction rating (NRR) of 32 dB is among the highest in its class. Each pair of earplugs is individually wrapped within the Work Safety PPE Kit.

Another essential piece of PPE included in the kit are a pair of lightweight, gray-tinted safety glasses. These popular frames provide excellent protection against projectiles and airborne particles. And because they wrap around the side of the face, they protect better than simple glasses. These Zenon Z12 safety glasses have an anti-scratch coating and a molded nose bridge to fit a wide range of face shapes.

Finally, the reflective safety vest is ideal for construction, or moving around any work site where being seen reduces the risk of injury. The vest is rated Class 2 which is required for workers who are exposed to traffic traveling more than 25 mph. The vest is very lightweight and made of mesh to be breathable. Bright 2 in. silver reflective tape goes around the middle and over each shoulder. The vest itself is a very high-visibility lime yellow color.

If you need to order work safety equipment for any number of workers, the PK Safety PPE Kit provides an easy, safe, and quick solution. Don't order each item individually. Order the number you need, pass them out, and get those people to work.

Mar 6th 2014 Justin McCarter

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