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What Type of Respirator Should I Use for Silica?
Oct 17th 2019

What Type of Respirator Should I Use for Silica?

We make specific recommendations below, but first a little background... Working in the manufacturing or construction industries usually means working near what’s known as silica dust, or respirable crystalline silica, which is commonly found in and around construction and manufacturing sites. It’s created by cutting, grinding, drilling, or crushing stone, rock, concrete, brick, mortar and ot … read more
May 9th 2012

Which Spray Paint Mask Filters are Best For Automotive Work and Spray Painting?

Folks often ask us which respirator to use for spray painting and automotive body work. There are some good options out there but the type of filter and respirator mask will depend largely on the kind of work you do, and how often you are doing it. The only safe solution for urethane paint is pulling clean air from a remote spot and that requires an airline respirator system like the Allegro … read more