Save Your Knees! - Padded Work Mats Ease Joint Pain

Save Your Knees! - Padded Work Mats Ease Joint Pain

You probably don't think of your knees unless they give you trouble. But if your job involves a lot of kneeling, you need to think ahead. Continuous pressure on your knees is a risk factor for chronic injuries like prepatellar bursitis and cartilage damage. Thankfully prevention is easy: get padding!

Chances are if you ask around about knee padding, you'll run into someone who is fanatical about ErgoKneel pads.

Kneeling Pad

This brand has a cult following for several reasons, but mostly because the mats feel great, even on harsh industrial surfaces like diamond plate, gravel and concrete.

What sets ErgoKneels apart from other foam mats? It all comes down to the manufacturer's choice of materials. Since ErgoKneels are made out of hardwearing foam rubber rather than the cheaper plastic foam seen in many brands, they have a superior feel, last for ages, never compression set and even help reduce floor vibrations. And unlike many other pads, ErgoKneels are nonabsorbent and resistant to most thinners, solvents and petroleum products.

ErgoKneel mats are also widely preferred over strap-on kneepads. The problem with most kneepads is the very fact that they need to be strapped to your knees. The pads never stay in place, and they have an extremely annoying tendency to fall off. They also put pressure on your knee's sensitive inner bend, which can cause discomfort and even restrict circulation.

At the end of the day, the fact is that most foam pads aren't very good, and strap-on kneepads are more trouble than they're worth. That's why so many hardworking professionals love ErgoKneel Extreme Standing Mats because they offer an unbeatable combination of durability and comfort.

Nov 9th 2011 Rick

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