Product Spotlight: Delta "No Tangle" Harnesses

Product Spotlight: Delta "No Tangle" Harnesses

One of the worst thing about most webbing harnesses on the market is the tangled mess they become when they have been stored in a bag or the back of a truck. Legs get flipped inside out, and 10 minutes can go by before you figure out just what goes where.

That specific problem must have made it to the ears of Delta Harness designers because the Delta No-Tangle system solves this problem no matter how you store your gear. The heart of this design is the pad which keeps the back cross-over webbing in place and makes it easy to see which end is up.

The pad is constructed of a polyethylene and vinyl acetate composite which makes it lightweight, flexible and tough. Harnesses like the Delta Vest Style Harness w/ Side D-Rings also provide a spring-loaded stand-up D-ring that makes safety lanyard connection a snap.

Smart design features and an economical price tag make the Delta No Tangle Harnesses some of the most popular on the market. For more information about our line of Delta Harnesses, please check them out online, or give our customer service folks a call at 800-829-9580.

Apr 9th 2012 Justin McCarter

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