Product Review: BW Honeywell Gas Alert Max XT II 4 Gas Monitor

Product Review: BW Honeywell Gas Alert Max XT II 4 Gas Monitor

The BW GasAlert Max XT II is a humdinger of a detector, both for its ease of usage and reasonable price. In my opinion, this is the best gas detector to buy if you’re entering a confined space or septic tank. This one button unit makes it perfect for both the glove crowd and the technologically challenged. Plus, its simple operation makes tampering with its functions nearly impossible (a helpful feature if you want to ensure that you crew doesn’t decide to change any o the setting without letting you know).

Many features make this gadget a must-have. An internal pump guarantees accurate readings and has a filter that you can see through a little window, so that you know when it is time for a replacement. It detects four toxic gases at one time, including the carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulfide, oxygen, and LEL. The sensors that detect each of these gases are a cinch to switch out – simply unscrew the face plate, pop out the old filter, and snap in a new one.

Our customer really like the sampling pump hose connector on the GasAlert Max XT II because it allows you to sample the air in a space safely before you enter and because of the way that it is built in to the monitor. On other monitors it sticks out and is prone to breaking, but the placement on this sampling hose connector makes for a much more durable gadget.

Another feature that people love about this gas sniffer is it’s large display and bright color. Confined spaces tend to have less than spectacular light, so if you drop this detector on the ground, its bright yellow color makes it easy to find. The monitor is pretty durable and can take a beating. Plus, it’s hands free, so you can clamp it on your belt, pocket, or co-worker’s earlobe and continue to work with both hands.

Most gas detectors break the bank and require a PHD to operate. This one does neither. You won’t be sorry when it enters your life. It may even save it. (For more information, watch our product video on the GasAlert Max XT II.)

Dec 26th 2014 Administrator

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