Performance and Price - The Ecko Blower & Ducting Combo

Performance and Price - The Ecko Blower & Ducting Combo

The two things we hear most about the 8 inch ECKO K2025 Blower and Ducting Combo is that it works great and you can't beat the price. And really, what else do you want?

You need a good warranty? The motor has a 1 year complete warranty. So check that one off the list. It's also lightweight and easy to carry. At only 38 lbs. it's pretty svelte. But the feature that makes it manageable is the built-in handles. Both the blower and the attached canister have big, easy to grip handles that make it no problem to lug around the site or swing up into your truck.

Durability is another reason why folks like these blowers. In the olden days (about 7 or 8 years ago) most of these units were built of metal. They dented fairly easily. You know as well as we do that these things take a beating on the job site. The housing material on most of these portable units is now made of a UV- and chemical-resistant polyethylene. That's tough stuff. And it doesn't bruise so easily.

Fcon Unlike lots of these blowers, the K2025 comes with a 20 ft. AC cord to make connecting to your power source easier. So you've got that going for you too.

Additional flexible ducting in 25 ft. lengths is available and attaches easily. This is handy if you need to extend the range of your exhaust or go farther to find clean air. This ducting is the same reinforced, super strong, professional-grade exhaust duct that comes with the K2025 set. It comes with a handy nylon storage bag with a shoulder strap so carrying all the ducting and the blower/canister isn't going to be that bad. Hopefully there's a new guy who will schlep it for you.

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