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Made in the USA Favorites

Posted by PK Safety Team on Jun 26th 2019

As we get closer to Independence Day, or the Fourth of July,we’re taking a moment to celebrate this great nation of ours and why it’simportant to buy safety products made in the USA. In addition to supportinglocal and domestic businesses, safety products made in America tend to be moredurable and reliable than those made abroad. Learn more about why you shouldalways buy safety products made in America.

Why Buy American-MadeSafety Products?

You can’t afford to cut corners when it comes to the safety andwellbeing of your employees. When you purchase safety products that weremanufactured in the United States, you can rest assured that the company you’regiving your business to complies with national labor laws and environmentalregulations. This may not be true of manufacturers abroad, many of which maypollute the environment, commit human rights abuses, or use poor qualitymaterials.

Here at PK Safety, working with American suppliers gives usthe chance to thoroughly review safety products before sellingthem to our customers. We can receive samples in just a few weeks as opposed towaiting months for samples to arrive. This allows us to speed up our vetting process, so we can offer the latest safety products when you needthem most.

Buying American-made safety products also reduces yourcarbon footprint. These products won’t have to move as far when going from thesupplier to the retailer and eventually to your facility here in the U.S. Whenyou order American-made safety products, you can usually have them delivered in just afew business days. This puts your employees towork as soon as possible instead of having to order your safety products monthsin advance.

Finding the Right American-MadeSafety Products for Your Business

You can find all kinds of safety products that weremanufactured right here in the U.S., including fall protection equipment, gasdetectors, tool sets, ergonomics and fire-resistant clothing. Let’s take a lookat each one of these categories and why it’s best to choose American-madesafety products.

  • Fall Protection Equipment

American-made lanyards and harnesses tend to be made with high-qualitysteel hooks and polyester instead of nylon for added durability. TheDBI-SALA ExoFit NEX Construction-Style Harness is a great choice foremployees that work on elevated surfaces. It features reflective material forkeeping your workers safe in low-light conditions, memory-fit padding to keepyour workers comfortable, and lightweight aluminum alloy, so your workers don’thave to wear heavy clothing all day long.

  • Gas Detection

Gas detectors are an instrumental part of your business ifyour employees work near volatile organic compounds. American-made gasdetectors, like the RKIEagle 2 725-101-P Gas Detector, can detect VOCs across long distances,drawing samples from up to 125 feet away. This helps you cover a lot of groundin less time, so you can keep your employees safe in low-oxygen areas. Theyalso tend to feature a longer battery life, more EMI and RFI resistance, and visualLCD warning systems to help you better monitor your workspace.

  • Tool Sets

Your workers won’t be very effective without high-qualitytools. American-made tool sets are typically made with durable steel, so youcan use these tools again and again without worrying about degradation andoxidation. Kits like the KleinTools 28-Piece Electrician Tool Set 80028 also come with a thick canvasbag, so you can safely transport your tools from job to job without exposingthem to the elements. You can also find tool belts, like the KleinTools Standard Full-Floating Body Belt 5282N-20D, made withcorrosion-resistant double-bar D-rings and rolled-edge leather for more comfortand security in the field.

  • FR Clothing

When it comes to keeping your employees safe fromfire-related incidents, you need to find Flame Resistant (FR) clothing that’s both comfortableand reliable. The clothing should fit and keep your employees cool withoutleaving them vulnerable to extreme temperatures and other fire hazards. The NSAArc 65 Kevlar/Nomex CrossVent Hood with Internal Fans comes with ananti-fog shield for more visibility, internal fans to keep your employees cool,and a lightweight design for more movement in the field.

There are so many reasons to invest in American-made safetyproducts. They are made with high-quality materials, comply with OSHA safetyregulations, and they’re designed to keep your employees comfortable, improvingtheir performance in the field. Here at PK Safety, you’ll find all the safetyproducts you need to run your business. Contact us for more information andstart shopping today for more peace of mind.