Leather Drivers Gloves

Leather Drivers Gloves

I was updating the descriptions on some of our leather drivers gloves, and I was reminded of how versatile and useful this product is. These days the majority of our glove sales are in the newer synthetic styles, such as the Ansell Hyflex and Mechanix Glove brands . These are usually a fabric shell with a coating of some sort. They are cost effective and offer many useful properties.

But then you come back to leather. When I'm working around the yard or doing the DIY thing, I usually gravitate back to a leather drivers glove. Something about the feel, fit and even the smell that brings back comforting memories. I can remember being a teenager some 30+ years ago (OMG!) and driving a tractor during a summer job. My employer gave me a pair of leather drivers style gloves that I wore pretty much all summer. How do simple things like gloves bring back such vivid memories?

Interesting, but that is probably a subject for another sort of blog.

Dec 26th 2009 Rick

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