Hard Working Respirators for Rugged Work Sites

Hard Working Respirators for Rugged Work Sites

One question I am constantly getting is which filter and mask to use in a particular application. The answer to this depends highly on what the context is, but this specific question has a lot of common things you might want to protect yourself against with a mask and filters:

I’m working in a building doing demo work. I am knocking down block walls, working with fiberglass and there is asbestos present as well. I have noticed my eyes getting itchy from the fiberglass. What respirator and filters would you recommend to cover all of these areas? The trick is, I need something that I can sweat and work extremely hard in.

I would recommend the Moldex half facepiece respirator mask and the 3M 7093 P100 Hepa filters. To protect the eyes, I recommend using the G704T Chemical Splash Safety Goggles or well fitting safety glasses. I hesitate to offer a full-face mask because it would retain heat and make the really hard work even less fun.

The 6000 half facepiece mask would also work in this application, but the 7500 series mask is made of a softer material and is much more comfortable to wear. Since this job entails lots of hard work, the more comfortable mask will most likely be preferable. That being said, wearing a mask is different than not wearing a mask so all respirators will create some degree of hassle.

The 2091 Particulate filter would also work in this situation but when working with asbestos, having a filter within a plastic case is best. It reduces the possibility of the asbestos being shaken out of the filter and onto a surface where you might breathe it again later.

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, the right mask and filter for your job depend heavily on what you are working with so if you are unsure of what to use, feel free to contact us at 800-829-9580 and ask. Happy demoing!

Mar 11th 2011 Administrator

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