Confined Space Ventilation Made Easier

Confined Space Ventilation Made Easier

It's a no-brainer. When it comes to choosing the right ventilator for confined space work, it needs to do three things really well:

  • Move large amounts of air
  • Be lightweight
  • Be simple to use

How does one go about shopping for these bad boys? Look no further cause we found "The One" in the  ECKO K30 blower/ventilator from Euramco.

Unlike traditional blowers with their easily dented metal housings, the portable ECKO K30's corrosive and UV resistant polyethylene shell is built for less than ideal storage conditions and weighs only 37 lbs. A molded handle means less moving parts. Older ventilation fans have screw attached handles that would loosen over time and rattle when in operation.

And since we are on the topic of sound, here is another thing we love about the K30: it's relatively quiet. For a fan moving over 2400 CFM (cubic feet per minute) of air, this is impressive. At 10 feet, you can expect decibel levels of 84dB. According to NIOSH, permissible daily exposure time before damage occurs at this level is 8 hours. With adequate  ducting, you can reduce levels even further. Communicating effectively with your crew in permit-required confined spaces can be a little less taxing on the vocal cords with this ventilator.

Lastly, an arrow adjacent to the molded handle points to which direction air is flowing out. It's a simple feature that allows you to quickly set up without much guess work.

So if you're going to pick up an OSHA required ventilation fan to provide air and exhaust toxic vapors during confined space entry, you need to consider the three features we mentioned above. The ECKO K30 is a cost-efficient fan that does it all.

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Oct 30th 2015 Administrator

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