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BW Honeywell Factory-Trained Gas Monitor Know-It-Alls

Posted by PK Safety Team on Jan 08th 2015

Before we upgraded our facilities, sent our tech guys to Level 3 BW Honeywell gas monitor training, and increased our factory-direct parts supply to become a BW Factory Authorized Service Center, these guys were already pretty unbearable. Sure it was handy to have someone around who could drill down to the smallest detail of monitor capabilities and explain error codes while grabbing their lunch from the company fridge. It's the calibration knowledge, the sensor life, the warranty information - they just don't stop talking about it.

Sure it's great for our customers. If you need information about your GasAlert Micro Clip XT or want to know if your Max XT II that just fell two stories, but seems to be working fine is really ok (chances are it is), these guys can tell you.

BW Honeywell Factory-Trained Gas Monitor Experts

But for those of us who have to be around them day in and day out, well, it's no picnic. And if it was a picnic, they would be busy telling us the best way to pull samples from the double-door underground gas and electric company access manhole nearby or which monitor would pull samples the farthest.

It's annoying. Trust me. But for you, it's probably great. Do us all a favor, keep them talking.