Avoid Thanksgiving Injuries and Keep First Aid Handy

Avoid Thanksgiving Injuries and Keep First Aid Handy

Here at PK Safety we're all about keeping folks safe. Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving, we'd like to remind everyone that safety knows no bounds.

While the most dangerous Thanksgiving tradition is hands-down the deep frying of the bird, there are other injuries from cuts to burns you should be aware of. If you haven't seen the William Shatner public service announcement (PSA) about the dangers of deep-frying your turkey, you should take a moment or two to glory in the wisdom of this icon of American cinema and his message of safety.

To Mr. Shatner's message we can only add a few concrete plans of action should an injury occur during the turkey day festivities. For burns, we recommend the Cortex Burn X Gel. It's a water-based formula that provides almost instant relief for minor burns. Another advantage to the Burn X products are that they don't trap heat like petroleum products. Granted, a 300 pack is probably a bit much for the home, but if you have these packets on the jobsite, we'd recommend pocketing a few and keeping them handy for kitchen accidents (with permission, of course).

Another great idea is having a First Aid Kit handy. If you have a cut that is not spurting blood or that stops bleeding within 10 minutes of applying firm pressure (hey, be careful people!) then you are probably ok following these simple steps. First apply direct pressure. Clean the area with warm water and soap. Dry the area and apply an antibiotic ointment to reduce chances of infection. Next put a sterile bandage on the area. Then get back in there and enjoy your dinner.

We don't have remind people that most accidents in the kitchen occur when folks are stressed and moving too fast, have kids running through the area, or when they have been drinking. When all three occur, it's the perfect storm, and you're lucky to get dinner at all. Stay calm and carry on. Remember, it's just dinner and only lasts for a day, while scars and burns last much longer.

Be safe, give thanks for your continued good health, and we will do the same.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Nov 21st 2012 Justin McCarter

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