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Working Concepts ErgoKneel Extreme Standing Mat 5020 16 x 28 in.

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Working Concepts ErgoKneel

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The ErgoKneel 5020 Extreme Standing Mat is an anti-fatigue mat for standing workers. Hard surfaces can cause pain in the calves, ankles, and feet for those required to stand for long periods of time. The ErgoKneel is a 16x28 in. foam pad with beveled edges that can be put over all kinds of hard floors where workers are required to stay in position, from a factory floor to an oil production site. The one inch pad feels soft and comfortable, but is still completely stable. It can be placed over steel floors or gratings, tile, concrete, and even gravel floors to provide the perfect platform for long-term stationary work. ErgoKneel products have received our very highest customer reviews. They are engineered to provide great comfort, but also to survive tough work environments. The foam nitrile is closed cell, so it won't absorb water, oil or other petroleum products, and is easy to clean with soap and water. The tapered edges help to avoid trip falls associated with square-edged mats. ErgoKneel products are also non-conductive for electrical work. The material is non-flammable and self-extinguishing, so it's extremely safe for almost any type of job site, factory, or for DIY home project.

Dimensions: 16x28 in.

Note: Large volume orders may have a lead time of 5 days.

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