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Welding Safety Protection

Welding hazards can cause permanent damage and painful injuries. PPE is your last line of defense, but you still want to make sure that your protection is appropriate for the hazard. PK Safety carries highly-rated welding garments for workers.

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PIP Boss Xtreme AR Goatskin Drivers 09-LC533AR 12 pairs



Miller Ultra Arc-Rated Harness 850KQC/UBK


What PPE is required for arc flash?

Protecting against arc flash hazards requires being safe from electrical shocks, high heat and flames, and related hazards. Any protective equipment worn or used on a job site where arc flashes are a hazard must be rated for that work. Look into arc flash clothing in these categories:

  • Head and face protection: goggles, hard hat, face shield, hearing protection, balaclava, flash suit hood

  • Torso, arms, and hands: long-sleeve shirt, gloves, jacket, flash suit jacket

  • Legs and feet: long pants, footwear, flash suit pants

What PPE must be worn when welding?

Anyone working with or around welding equipment must wear eye and face protection, with added protection for the rest of the body as well. Make sure that you have these pieces of protective equipment available for jobs that require welding:

  • Welding goggles

  • Welding helmet (with auto-darkening features if it’s in your budget) or welding hood

  • Welding gloves

  • Welding vest, apron, and/or jacket

  • Welding pants (no cuffs)

  • Welding respirator mask or other respiratory protection

  • Full-cover ear protection

  • Welding work boots