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UltraTech Roof Drip Diverter 178_

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UltraTech Roof Drip Diverter catch roof leaks and divert them away from offices and equipment. The Ultra-Roof Drip Diverter catches roof leaks with its large, vinyl-coated fabric and diverts them away from office equipment to the proper drainage point with a custom-fit hose. Their lightweight material and easy set up make them an ideal candidate for any office leak emergency, and having a few in the closet will always come in handy.

Key Feature:

  • Large, vinyl-coated fabric catches roof leaks and channels them to standard hose hook-up.
  • Hose can then be directed to proper drainage point.
  • Lightweight (10 oz.) material.
  • Heavy-duty grommets in each corner make installation quick and easy.

Product Number:
1785 5' x 5'
1786 7' x 7'
1787 10' x 10'
1788 12' x 12'
1789 15' x 15'
1790 20' x 20'

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