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UltraTech Global Funnel 049_

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UltraTech Global Funnels securely fits nearly every 55-gallon tighthead steel or polyethylene drum manufactured throughout the world. Its unique bottom design fits tightly on drums with varying diameters — no more wobbles or drips! This “one of a kind” drum funnel features eight (8) locator feet with four (4) different centers around its lower circumference. The Burp-Free Funnels feature a built-in vent. So there is no more splashing or “burping” when pouring liquids. The threaded brass insert screws into 2” drum bung or tank cap. The hinged, lockable lid prevents unauthorized access. Rugged, polyethylene funnel offers a 22″ wide “target”, eliminating overspills which commonly occur with conical funnels.

Key Feature:

  • Patented, zig-zagged pouring surface quickly settles liquids as they are being poured.
  • Horseshoe design feature allows installation of a Pop Up Fill Gauge - allows accurate monitoring of liquid level inside the drum to prevent messy overfilling.
  • Optional hinged cover prevents contamination of contents.
  • Made in the USA

Product Number:
0497 Ultra-Global Funnel
0499 Ultra-Global Funnel with Hinged Cover Model

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