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Stewart R. Browne Retract-a-Clamp RAC

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Stewart R. Browne

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The Stewart R. Browne Retract-A-Clamp (RAC) coiled static grounding and bonding cable assemblies provide a cost effective and easy to use system. These assemblies incorporate a corrosion resistant, orange vinyl-coated coiled cable and either the popular REB2960 clamp, or another of our series of clamps. The RAC assemblies with REB2960 clamp use 1/8 in. cable in 5 ft., 10 ft., and 20 ft. lengths. The RAC assemblies with either the GAT-P or G40PC clamps use 3/16 in. cable. Made in U.S.A.

Part Numbers:
RAC 5 - 5 ft. of cable and REB clamp
RAC 5-2 - 5 ft. of cable and 2 REB clamps
RAC 10 - 10 ft. of cable and REB clamp
RAC 10+10 - 20 ft. of cable and REB clamp
RAC 20 - 20 ft. of cable and GAT-P clamp
RAC 10-2 - 10 ft. of cable and 2 REB clamps
RAC 10+10-2 - 20 ft. of cable and 2 REB clamps
RAC 10-P - 10 ft. of cable with REB & 1/2 in. pipe clamp
RAC 20B - 20 ft. of cable G-40PC clamp


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