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Stewart R. Browne Heavy Duty Static Grounding Cable Reels ML2930-Y

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Stewart R. Browne

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These heavy duty static grounding reels from Stewart R. Browne are built to survive industrial applications. The extra length allows you to reach a bonding location on even the largest fuel trailers or railroad cars. Having a cable this long without some means of proper storage would be a hazard unto itself. And while we love our coiled cable Retract-A-Clamp , they just aren't up to the task of keeping 50+ feet of cable in a ready to use condition. These Heavy-Duty reels incorporate an open design housing and come standard with the REB2960 grounding clamp and 3/32 inch diameter yellow nylon coated cable. This self-storing design helps to keep folks from tripping over loose cable. The reels have a self-retracting drum and instant lock mechanism to prevent cable from becoming tangled. Available in 50, 75, and 100 foot lengths. Made in U.S.A.

Part Numbers:
ML2930-Y50R - Heavy-duty reel w/50 ft. cable and clamp
ML2930-Y75R - Heavy-duty reel w/75 ft. cable and clamp
ML2930-Y100R - Heavy-duty reel w/100 ft. cable and clamp


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