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Stewart R. Browne Aircraft Grounding Clamp ALS10A

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Stewart R. Browne

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The ALS10A Aircraft Grounding Clamp from Stewart R. Browne is the most popular product of this type that we sell. Heavy duty aluminum castings are the basis of these grounding pliers. Plated steel jaws are serrated to give excellent grip on unpainted surfaces, including round or irregular shaped objects. But due to their intended use on aircraft, the inside surface of the jaws are designed to grip flat stock without marring. This is quite different from the REB2960 Grounding Clamp with stainless steel points. Please note that even in the 'closed' position, there is approximately .125 inches opening between the jaws. Other design details include a plated steel spring that provides approximately 55 lbs. of closing force. Squeezing this ground clamp to open it will put you in mind of a Joe Weider exercise device. The grounding wire or cable may be attached to either leg of the pliers. 2 allen set-screws secure the conductor in place. The opening is .110 inches in diameter, and accommodates up to 10-AWG wire. The ALS10A ground clamp is commonly used when fueling an aircraft or other maintenance operations where static generated sparks could cause a problem. Complies with mil spec M83413/7-1, with the mil spec number cast onto one handle. Made in U.S.A.

Weight 5 ounces
Length 4.15 inches
Width 3 inches
Thickness 1 inch (including rivet pivot)
Max Jaw Opening - 1 inch

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