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Roofer's Two-Person Horizontal Lifeline Kit

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DBI-SALA Protecta PRO-Line Temporary Horizontal Lifeline 120010

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Our Roofer's Horizontal Lifeline Kit lets you create a removable two-person fall protection system that is OSHA compliant and still lets you work quickly and comfortably. This easy-to-install system is ideal for residential or commercial wood-framed structures. DBI-SALA Roof Anchors (2103673) secure the system to the roof while a ratcheting horizontal lifeline (HLL) spans the distance between them. Two 50 foot vertical lifelines attach to the horizontal component to provide mobility and safety. Workers are attached to the vertical lines by a rope grab/shock-absorbing lanyard which is attached to the back D-ring of the harness. Move freely along the roof while being safely attached and compliant with all residential fall safety regulations.

Kit Includes:

  • 60 ft. OSHA-compliant Horizontal lifeline with built-in shock absorption
  • Two (2) 50 ft. Vertical lifelines with snap hooks
  • Two (2) PRO 2 ft. rope grabs with shock-absorbing lanyards
  • Two (2) Reusable DBI-SALA roof anchors
  • Two (2) Protecta full-body harnesses

This reusable kit is simple to set up, and easy to use once it's in place. The Roofer's Horizontal Lifeline Kit is an affordable solution for staying in full compliance while still being able to work quickly. This horizontal system has a max weight limit of 310 lbs. for each climber. This total includes both the worker and his tools. The horizontal system also requires a minimum fall clearance that varies with the distance between the roof anchors. It's important that the HLL installation instructions be carefully consulted to insure proper fall protection. Protecta HLL Technical Manual

Part Numbers:
1200105 - 60 ft. (18m) PRO-Line Horizontal Lifeline System
1202794 - (2) 50 ft. lifeline with Snap hook
1340005 - (2)PRO Rope Grab with 2 ft. Shock Absorbing Lanyard
2103673 - (2) DBI-SALA Roof Anchor
AB17530 - (2) Protecta Full-Body Harness


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