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Respirator Kits

We sell a range of respirator kits at PK Safety, including those made by 3M, Allegro, Moldex, and many more! Most protect the user from a particular type of hazard, such as mold, lead dust, asbestos, and other respiratory pollutants, while others protect against multiple hazards at the same time. Each kit includes all the required materials needed to respond to specific environmental emergencies, such as the spread of mold and lead, so workers and contractors can quickly find the gear they need when working in or near hazardous areas. 

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Moldex 9000 Full Face Respirator Combination w P100 Filters 9000-7940

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3M Versaflo Easy Clean PAPR Kit TR-300N+ ECK


What is a respirator kit used for?

A respirator kit protects the user from airborne pollutants that can cause severe illness, including mold, lead dust, asbestos, and other construction hazards. The mask fits around the person’s nose and mouth to prevent them from breathing in these particles. It comes with filters for air purifying so the user doesn’t put their health at risk when occupying these areas. 

What does a respirator kit include?

The contents of each respirator kit vary based on the intended use and manufacturer. However, virtually every kit includes a respirator mask with intake and exhalation valves, one or more filters for purifying the air, and equipment instructions. In some cases, the respirator is packaged with additional safety materials, such as gloves and a hazmat suit. 

The respirator fit test kit includes two hoods, two nebulizers, sensitivity solution, a fit test solution, and instructions for performing the test. If you are looking to purchase safety equipment for a particular environmental hazard, PK Safety makes it easy to find the gear you need for every situation, including mold remediation and asbestos removal, paint and pesticide work, and welding precious metals that may contain lead dust. 

Contact PK Safety to learn more about our worker safety gear and equipment to get the proper protection for the task at hand.