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RamFan UB20 Battery Pack System

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Euramco's RamFan UB20-12V Blower system features a variable power battery pack, charger, and 12V blower with ducting (15 ft. or 25 ft.) in the QuickCouple canister. Ideal where AC or vehicle power is unavailable. The variable speed feature allows you to purge the space on high, then adjust to a lower speed to maintain a stream of fresh air. The sealed Lead-Acid battery runs 10 hours in low setting, yet gives a full 2 1/2 hours on high, and recharges overnight. Battery clips are included for connection to 12V vehicle battery when not using the battery pack. The 115V battery charger is built-in to the Pelican style case.

Part Numbers:
ED9015-BAT - 15 ft. duct
ED9025-BAT - 25 ft. duct

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