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PIP G-Tek MaxiFlex Elite Glove 34-244 (12 pairs)

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Designed and developed to be the lightest fully breathable coated glove, the MaxiFlex Elite Glove completely re-writes the rules. Weighing in at a staggering 36 degrees less and 30 percent thinner than traditional foam nitrile gloves, these MaxiFlex gloves deliver a user experience that sets game-changing new standards. Comfort is further enhanced through its increased breathability; it's 35 percent thinner than any other traditional foam gloves, enabling it to breathe 40 percent more efficiently than similar gloves. The MaxiFlex Elite Gloves are used in applications which require a high degree of dexterity and sensitivity, especially where grip is important, such as handling small oily parts and components, general assembly, machining, micro-engineering, automotive components, logistics, warehousing and airport security.

Key Features:

  • Micro-foam nitrile coatings are compatible with light oils and provide good grip and excellent abrasion resistance
  • Raised micro dots increase durability and offer more cushioning in highly repetitive applications requiring precision handling
  • Knit wrist helps prevent dirt and debris from entering the glove
  • 100 percent silicone-free
  • 360 degree breathability - Patented micro-foam nitrile coating makes it the most breathable glove on the market today
  • 30 percent thinner than traditional foam nitrile gloves while offering similar mechanical performance
  • Ultra lightweight liner results in smooth and rounded fingertips, maximizing fingertip sensitivity
  • Form, fit and feel - Mimics the "hand at rest", reducing hand fatigue and increasing comfort
  • Consistent puncture free liner keeps the nitrile material from the skin, leaving only the soft liner resting against the skin.
  • Micro-cup finish that allows for a controlled grip
  • All ingredients used in the manufacturing and construction of this product are compliant with the REACH legislation
  • This glove has been laundered prior to final packaging making it clean and safe for use
Rating TypeAbrasionCutTearPuncture
Certified EN3884121

Part Numbers:
34-244/XS - Extra-Small
34-244/S - Small
34-244/M - Medium
34-244/L - Large
34-244/XL - Extra-Large


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