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Petzl William Triact-Lock Carabiner M36A TL

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Designed with a large frame and gate opening, the Petzl William M36A TL triact-lock carabiner can provide anchoring to any number of ropes and slings. It features an auto-locking gate that, because of its triact-lock capabilities, can unlock quickly. This makes the William M36-TL ideal when your work calls on you to frequently open the gate throughout the day. Because of its large, pear-shaped design, the William carabiner makes it easy to apply a Munter hitch knot for belaying. The carabiner is ideal for our customers who need to use this type of knot, like confined space and search and rescue workers. The large size also helps it facilitate wide attachments that would otherwise get stuck on a smaller or D-shaped carabiner and it's perfect for multiple attachments. The Petzl William is made from lightweight aluminum and has an optimal weight-to-strength ratio. Petzl carabiners are some of the best on the market at providing protection for a variety of applications, and still being affordable.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight aluminum
  • Triact-lock system to unlock quickly
  • Keylock system for preventing snags on anchors, harness equipment, and ropes
  • Wide pear shape
  • Large size

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