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Honeywell Piston Hand Pump

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BW Honeywell

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The Honeywell LP-1200 Piston Hand Pump is used to pull a fixed volume of air through the Honeywell colorimetric gas detection tubes. This air sample then reacts with the granulated chemicals contained within the tubes. This reaction produces a visual color change which is measured against the scale printed on the tube. Tubes are made to measure a specific combination of gas and concentration, and are generally thought to be accurate within 25 percent of the final indication. The device is simple to use and accurately draws both 50 and 100mL volumes of air in a single stroke with its springless design. The term 'stroke' refers to pulling out the plunger, either half-way (1/2 stroke) or all-the-way (full stroke). Since most RAE tubes use only 1 or 1/2 stroke to obtain a sample, the simple and robust design ensures repeatable results. Many of the  gas detection tubes have an additional or extended range available. For example, if the stated range for a tube is 10-20ppm with 1 full stroke, you may have the option of pulling 2 strokes to get a 5-30ppm range. This does not apply to all tubes, but is quite common. We offer the LP1200 Hand Pump either alone or as part of a kit. The LP-1200 Kit contains (in addition to the pump) 2 spare inlet filters, spare rubber inlet, spare plunger gasket, and carrying case.

Part Numbers:
H-010-0901-000 Hand Pump Only
H-010-0001-000 Hand Pump Kit


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