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Protective Headwear

Keeping your head safe on the job is one of the most important things you can do. Even if you’re not working on a job that requires helmets or hard hats, it’s still important to have comfortable protective headwear to protect from other hazards and working conditions. Whether you need high-visibility headwear that’s water-resistant, fire-resistant, impact-resistant, or just plain comfortable, we have a selection of safety workwear for every industry.

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JSP HardCap Aerolite Baseball Bump Cap Short Brim 282-AES150 (20/Case)



NSA Lightweight UltraSoft FR Balaclava H11RY


What is protective headgear?

Protective headgear is anything worn on the head designed to protect it from work-related injuries. It offers more protection than your standard ball cap or beanie (although we have sun- and other weather-appropriate choices). Protective headgear is designed to protect from serious bumps, falling objects, electrical shocks, and other extreme situations. It can also provide the worker comfort when dealing with the elements of the seasons like wide brimmed hats and hard hat sweatbands to keep you shaded and cool in the summer, and knit beanies to keep you warm in the winter. Protective headgear can look dramatically different depending on the specific hazards it offers protection from and the situations it’s worn in, so make sure you shop around and know your industry needs to narrow down your search.

Why is head protection worn?

Above all else, head protection is worn to prevent head injuries. Many job sites and industries have hazards that can cause head injuries, including lateral or top blows to the head from walking or moving into a stationary object. Head injuries can result in hospital visits, long-term injuries or disabilities, and even death. Having appropriate headgear, and wearing it while on the job, reduces your chances of getting a head injury.

For more information or recommendations on protective headgear or other safety supply equipment, our website will always be available, and you can still contact us online or by phone at 800.829.9580.