What's New in the World of RKI Gas Detection?

What's New in the World of RKI Gas Detection?

Gas detectors are essential for confined space monitoring before and after the entry. RKI designs high-rated topside and diffusion gas monitors for these purposes.

Topside Monitors

The  GX-2012 is an active pumped four-gas monitor with sensors engineered to detect Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Oxygen (O2) and combustible gases (LEL). Its powerful internal pump is able to pull samples from up to 50 ft. away! This key feature makes it a perfect topside monitor for your team working in a potentially hazardous location. What else makes it special? With its three operating modes, you have multiple tools in one instrument. The GX-2012 can be used for the confined space safety monitoring, for the leak investigation, and for the underground leak checking. Intrinsically safe and lightweight, it was created with the petrochemical and wastewater treatment facilities' employees in mind.

Diffusion Monitors

While topside monitors are perfect for evaluating the initial entry conditions, winding confined spaces may contain a hazardous environment impossible to be detected before the worker comes in contact with a harmful gas. This is why diffusion monitors are essential for any comprehensive safety program.

The GX-6000, with its rugged design built for the nastiest environments, is ideal for confined space entry, hazmat response teams, arson investigation, remediation sites, perimeter monitoring, leak detection, and landfill monitoring.

What's New With the GX-6000 6-Gas Monitor?

Get ready to detect hazardous levels of gases like never before! RKI Instruments is introducing the GX-6000 PID and Super Toxics 6-Gas Monitor 72-6AB. This powerful hand-held instrument is capable of simultaneously monitoring up to 6 gases.

The GX-6000 six-gas, sample draw Monitor with PID, IR and Super Toxic capabilities now has 4 new sensors available.
Smart Toxics: Smart Infrared:
Cl2: 0 – 10 ppm CO2: 0 – 5% vol
NH3: 0 – 400 ppm HC: 0 – 100% LEL / 30% vol

It comes pre-configured with sensors for the 4 standard confined space gases including LEL, O2, CO, and H2S. Additionally, this gas monitor's smart channel is also customized with a PID high-range 6,000 ppm sensor. You may also select a 6th Super Toxics sensor (SO2 6 ppm, NO2 9 ppm, HCN 15 ppm, NH3 400 ppm, or Cl2 10 ppm). Finally, choose from an Alkaline battery pack, an Alkaline and Li-Ion battery pack with 100-240 VAC Charger, or a Li-Ion battery pack with 100-240 VAC Charger.


The unique feature that differentiates the GX-6000 from other models is its PID sensor. As standard, the GX-6000 with a PID sensor is equipped with a library of over 600 VOC gases to choose from. A Personalized Favorites list of 30 commonly used VOC’s and a list of 8 Most Recently Used VOC’s will make your selection process fast and super easy. GX-6000 is a powerful tool equipped with a strong internal sample pump, a man-down alarm, a panic alarm, a LED flashlight, and a large auto rotating LCD display.

Why Choose RKI Gas Monitors?

While many other manufacturers have launched themselves into the disposable gas monitor sector, the core of RKI's philosophy is that your gas detection device is built to last. Reliability is the major benefit of RKI gas monitors. Ideal applications include confined space entry, hazmat response teams, arson investigation, remediation sites, perimeter monitoring, leak detection, and landfill monitoring.

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