Update Your Arc Flash Fall Protection for Welders and Electricians

Update Your Arc Flash Fall Protection for Welders and Electricians

There are loads of new arc flash rated fall protection products that have hit the market recently. If you are working with your feet off the ground as an electrician, utility worker, welder, or have some other trade working with high heat or the possibility of arc flash, you owe it to yourself to consider these products.

DBI-SALA came out with their Nano-Lok line of lightweight, compact self-retracting lifelines earlier this year, and they have very recently added several Arc Flash Rated SRLs to the line.

Arc Flash Rated Nano-Lok SRLs like the Single Leg with Swiveling Snap Hook 3101360 have a 100% Kevlar lifeline and shock-pack cover. Kevlar is able to withstand intense heat without affecting the strength and fall protection features of the SRL. Kevlar also provides great cut resistance so it helps keep the lifeline from fraying or abrasion on sites with jagged or sharp edges.

Another new product is the Nano-Lok for Bucket Trucks and Aerial Lifts. There are two of these, one has all aluminum connectors for light weight and lower connectivity, and the other has an aluminum truck hook, and a Kevlar webbing loop for harness attachment. The difference from the regular Nano-Loks is the extra 13 inches of Kevlar webbing attached to the top of the housing because the trucks and lifts often have an attachment point down around knee-to-hip level inside the basket. This brings the housing of the SRL up to the level where it can do the most good. With so many people working in boom trucks, basket trucks, cherry pickers, Genie and other aerial lifts, this product makes lots of sense.

There are also a whole line of ExoFit XP Arc Flash Harnesses from DBI-SALA and Miller for these same type of high heat, electrical safety situations. The Miller harnesses feature leather insulators under every metal component to keep the worker's body away from any current that may jump to the harness.

If you haven't changed your fall protection lately, and you work for a utility or in construction doing electrical work or welding, you should really check these products out. Arc flash resistance is measured when fall protection gear is new. There can be break-down of the materials over time. If the harness and lanyard or self-retracting lifeline you are using are FR or Arc Flash Rated but have been in service for some time, it may be time to revisit the entire heat and cut resistant fall protection you use.

If you have questions about the Arc Flash fall protection we carry at PK Safety Supply please give us a ring, or contact us through Live Chat Monday through Friday 7am - 5pm PST. If you work at height doing electrical or welding, what products have you found that work well? We'd love to hear what you are using.

Dec 19th 2012 Justin McCarter

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