The Draeger X-dock - Calibration and Documentation Made Easy

The Draeger X-dock - Calibration and Documentation Made Easy

Draeger has recently released their next generation bump test and calibration station - the X-dock. This new system provides function and bump testing, calibration, documentation, and reporting on a modular, easy to use platform.

The new Draeger X-dock system doesn't require a PC, so it can be a stand-alone unit. The user interfaces with the X-dock via touch screen, and the docks can be connected and the manager can handle up to 10 instruments and all of their critical data.

X-dock units can be networked and provide their data to a central command or safety office in larger facilities. The central server collects and evaluates the data from the separate X-docks thereby creating a greater overall understanding of the gas detection progress across the facility. This can help safety managers recognize trends in worker's exposure to hazardous gases.

The X-dock also claims to be able to help reduce overall operational costs. We know from experience the Draeger bump test and calibration stations use far less gas than other manufacturers for their basic operation. The same is true for the X-dock. By using the bare amount of gas required for testing they reduce overall gas consumption as well as reduce testing time.

The X-dock is also a fairly simple device and has low maintenance requirements. A good maintenance program will also help reduce down time for monitors. X-docks have built in predictive maintenance to help remind safety workers or others responsible for the operation of the monitors when routine maintenance is coming up.

The X-dock calibration and bump test stations are also intuitive and easy to use. They require only minimal training for the operator, and are able to be easily understood by people familiar with using gas monitors for regular detection. The overall efficiency of your gas monitor program is further aided by automatic documentation. X-dock manager software allows you to compile data for a greater understanding of the hazards faced in your workplace as well as quick and painless record keeping.

If you have questions about your Draeger monitors and bump testing and calibration stations, or you want to learn more specifically about the X-dock units, please give us a ring at 800-829-9580 or visit us online at

Apr 29th 2013 Justin McCarter

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